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With over 5 years of experience in nutrition and catering, my aim is to build your ideal diet and help you to execute it. One that gives your body the bespoke nourishment it needs whilst being practical and enjoyable.

As a trained nutritionist, I can help you to resolve issues including bloating, weight fluctuations, fatigue, low immunity, energy crashes, poor skin, stress, poor sleep, period problems, poor concentration, rashes, and headaches.

I have a particular interest in and specialise in hormonal health.

Having built a successful health food catering business specialising in seasonal and sustainable produce, I can offer recipes, specialised meal plans, cooking tips, and advice on building an optimal kitchen.

Whatever your reasons, I can help you to structure and refine your diet, taking the hard work out of it and helping to give you the confidence to eat in the best way possible for both your lifestyle and your body.



Nutrition Consultation (available via skype)

Initial consultation

I go through your entire medical history, family medical history, and every system in your body (including cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, and respiratory), identifying your individual dietary requirements, any nutritional gaps, and referring you for tests as required.

Bespoke nutrition plan

I produce a comprehensive nutrition plan based upon scientific research and analysis, tailored to your personal health requirements and short and long-term goals.

Follow-up consultation

I talk through the treatment plan in detail with you. I then work with you to show you how to implement and integrate it into your current lifestyle. This might include kitchen reorganisation and shopping guidance, recommendations for supplements and medical treatment, and cooking tips and recipes. Cookery lessons can be provided.

*Additional consultations (separate)


Private Cookery Lessons (2 hours)

All lessons are an enjoyable experience in their own right as well as providing valuable skills and information on how to cook well for yourself and your family. Available options include:

Kitchen Foundations

Do you want to cook better but have no idea where to start? Let me teach you how to set up a kitchen and provide you with the basics for a healthy diet.

Ideal Diet

Whether it’s Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Mediterranean, or any other diet you want to introduce into your life, I can show you how to cook it.

Entertaining Menu

Struggling for ideas for what to cook when you have guests staying for a weekend or are hosting a dinner party? I can teach impressive yet hassle-free recipes that won’t have you chained to the kitchen.

New Mum Menu

If you don’t want to be cooking two sets of meals and you’re struggling for ideas for what to cook for your little one and the rest of the family, then let me help you with my ‘one-pot wonder recipes’ suitable for kids and adults and you only need one pot!


All menus will be tailored to any food dislikes or allergies

All prices are exclusive of ingredients, the budget for which is set by the client.


Jennifer Medhurst is based in Central London and services include travel within Greater London. Travelling costs for consultations outside of this area will be at the expense of the client.

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