It was after I completed my Law degree at Bristol University that my decade long battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) began.

Physically, my autonomic nervous system struggled to function properly which meant that I couldn’t control my heart rate and blood pressure properly, so I would get fainting spells and terrifying heart palpitations. I also had a whole host of other issues from sore joints, unbearable stomach problems, constant headaches, burning muscles and rashes. I tried everything that conventional medicine had to offer, which was very little – so I spent almost all of my time on my own in bed. I really struggled to get my head around what was happening and sunk into a very unhappy place.

One day by chance a friend asked me if I had ever seen a nutritionist. Desperate for any kind of help, I went. Within one month the ailments of 3 years had somewhat dissipated. I was completely shocked. How had diet had such a powerful effect on my health? Unable to afford any more consultations I began researching nutrition and natural healing approaches, then started formulating a new way of eating, this time with health in mind.

Prior to my illness I never took any interest in cooking, and would happily eat ready meals, or ready anything. One of the most shocking things about my recovery was discovering how much sugar and total rubbish generally is in pre-packaged food. I had never thought to turn the packet over and look at what was actually in the food. I taught myself how to cook and as a consequence there have been a lot of failed experiments. I found there was a shortage of recipes that were easy to source the ingredients for, easy to make, quick and tasty, so I started recording what I was doing and posting it here. I also desperately needed something to do to help my mental state, so this site served two purposes.

Over time I was able to manage the symptoms of the illness. It has been the biggest challenge of my life so far, and when I finally recovered I decided to retrain as a nutritionist to help others who may be facing their own health challenges. Diet is one of the simplest ways to improve your health and prevent illness, and therefore increase the quality and length of your life.

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